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reading list

(of sorts)

a collected bibliography from my writing that I also happen to (mostly) recommend

Anatomy of a Hit Piece

The Truth That Killed, Georgi Markov

It's Time To Build, Marc Andreessen

NYT Is Threatening My Safety By Revealing My Real Name, So I Am Deleting The Blog, Scott Alexander

I Can Tolerate Anything Except The Outgroup, Scott Alexander

Statement on New York Times Article, Astral Codex Ten

Washington Post Public Editor: The Powerful Have Realized They Don’t Need The Post, Hamilton Nolan

White Anxiety And A President Ready To Address It, Emily Badger and Nate Cohn

Bitcoin is Venice

The Foundations of Political Thought, Quentin Skinner

Medieval Cities, Henri Pirenne

The Coming of Neo-FeudalismJoel Kotkin

Patterns of Discovery, Norwood Russell Hanson

Bitcoin is Not a Pyramid Scheme, Parker Lewis

Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy, Parker Lewis

Bitcoin is Not Backed By Nothing, Parker Lewis

The Pursuit of Power, William McNeill

Why Software is Eating the World, Marc Andreessen

Bitcoin Urbanism, Kelly Lannan

Economic Consequences of Organized Violence, Frederic Lane

First Principles of Islamic Economics, Abul Alā Mawdūdī

A Vision for the Future of Islamic Economics, Mohammed Siddiqi

The Problem With Interest, Tarek El Diwany

The Effects of the Global Crisis on Islamic and Conventional Banks: A Comparative Study, Maher Hasan and Jemma Dridi

Wikileaks contact info?Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin Disrupting Payment Clearing Houses, Preston Pysh and Jack Mallers

Borrowing Dollars Against Bitcoin And Crypto Is About To Get A Lot Easier, Billy Bambrough

Speculative Attack, Pierre Rochard

Why The Yuppie Elite Dismiss BitcoinCroesus

Why India Should Buy Bitcoin, Balaji Srinivasan

The REAL Greatest Short Burn of the Century, u/Jeffamazon

Why Robinhood and Other Brokerages Restricted Trading This Week, Michael P. Regan

The Oracle of Silicon Valley, Tim Ferriss, Reid Hoffman, Michael McCullough

Philosophical Investigations, Ludwig Wittgenstein

Money and Banking in Medieval and Renaissance Venice, Frederic Lane and Reinhold Mueller

Bitcoin Masterclass, Michael Saylor and Ross Stevens

Money, Banking, and Credit in Medieval Bruges, Raymond de Roover

What Bitcoin Did: Critiquing Bitcoin, Nic Carter, Frances Coppola, and Peter McCormack

Bitcoin is Worse is Better, Gwern

The Michael Scott Theory of Social Class, Alex Danco

A History of Venice, John Julius Norwich

Venice, A Maritime Republic, Frederic Lane

The Unsettling of America, Wendell Berry

Big Tech and Regulation

Insurrection as a Service, Mike Solana

Social-Media Oligopolists Are the New Railroad Barons. It’s Time for Washington to Treat Them Accordingly, Quillette Editors

There's No Downplaying the Impact of Operation Choke Point, Dennis Shaul

The Capital Strip Mine

The Unsettling of America, Wendell Berry

Money Creation in the Modern Economy, Michael McLeay, Amar Radia, and Ryland Thomas, of the Bank’ of England's Monetary Analysis Directorate

How The Banking System and Financial Sector Really Work, Richard Werner

The Fraying of the US Global Currency Reserve System, Lyn Alden

America’s Zombie Companies Rack Up $2 Trillion of Debt, Lisa Lee and Tom Cantiliano

The End of a 1,400-Year-Old Business, James Olan Hutcheson

A Land of Monopolists: From Portable Toilets to Mixed Martial Arts, Matt Stoller

Enders Game, Parker Lewis

Wittgenstein's Money

Defending Dollarization in Ecuador, Larry White

Avalanches and Sandpiles, Ian Jonston

I, Pencil, Leonard E. Read

The Mystery of Capital, Hernando de Soto

Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability, Nick Szabo


Qualified Reservations

The Sovereign Individual, James Dale Davidson, William Rees-Mogg

Progress, Postmodernism and the Tech Backlash, Alex Danco

Who's Laughing Now, Assholes?, Ron Fein

The Ruling Class, Gaetano Mosca

RIP Globalism, Dead of Coronavirus, Curtis Yarvin

The Coronavirus Is Also Spreading a Dark New Era of Neo-Feudalism, Joel Kotkin

Here's the Dark Enlightenment Explainer You Never Wanted, Jessica Klein

Second Thoughts of James Burnham, George Orwell

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Shoshana Zuboff

Politics Is The Mind Killer, Eliezer Yudkowsky

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, Albert Hirschmann

Liberal Democracy vs Transnational Progressivism, John Fonte

What Bill Gates Got Wrong About the Internet in the 1990s, Tess Townsend

Elon Musk Is the Hero America Deserves, Ashlee Vance

My Name Is Elon Musk And I Want To Help You Die In Space, Mike Skerrett

Random Heresies on Bitcoin and Fractional Reserve

Policymakers Shouldn’t Fear Digital Money, Nic Carter

The Menace of Fiscal QE, George Selgin

Money: Free and Unfree, George Selgin

Less Than Zero, George Selgin

The "Bagging Rule" – Or Why We Shouldn't Arrest (All) the Bankers, George Selgin

Contra Krugman, Bob Murphy

Handouts, Helicopters, Hong Kong Dollars, and Hogwash, George Selgin

Politics Is The Mind Killer, Eliezer Yudkowsky

Cryptocurrency Deals Can Always Be Erased, for a Price, Elaine Ou

How to Scale Bitcoin (Without Changing a Thing), Nic Carter

How to Stop the Next Quadriga: Make Exchanges Prove Their Reserves, Nic Carter

Flight to Stablecoins in 2020, Mike Co

It's Time to Reflect

Why Software is Eating the World, Marc Andreessen

It's Time to BuildMarc Andreessen

The Comprehensive Timeline of China’s COVID-19 Lies, Jim Geraghty

The First Circle, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Life and Fate, Vassily Grossman

The Power of the Powerless, Václav Havel

The Truth That Killed, Georgi Markov

The Master and Margherita, Mikhail Bulgakov

The Captive Mind, Czesław Miłosz

Darkness at Noon, Arthur Koestler

Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak

Cities and the Wealth of Nations, Jane Jacobs

The End of the Harvard Century, Matteo Wong

Progress, Postmodernism and the Tech Backlash, Alex Danco

Life After Google, George Gilder

The Cathedral & the Bazaar, Eric Raymond

Understanding Media, Marshall MacLuhan

How The Internet Happened, Brian McCullough

Remix, Lawrence Lessig

The End of the Future, Peter Thiel

The Founders Fund, Peter Thiel

Why Silicon Valley Billionaires are Prepping for the Apocalypse in New Zealand, Mark O'Connell

Taking Trump Seriously, Not Literally, Salena Zito

The End of History?, Francis Fukuyama

The Republic, Plato

The Tinkerings of Robert Noyce, Tom Wolfe

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Max Weber

Viral Truths and the Mouthpieces of Unreality

Don't Test, Don't Tell, Ben Hunt

Body Count, Ben Hunt

The Industrially Necessary Doctor Tedros, Ben Hunt

The Fall of Wuhan, Ben Hunt

The Non-Linearity of Need, Ben Hunt

To Save Everything, Click Here, Evgeny Morozov

The First Circle, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Life and Fate, Vassily Grossman

A Tale Of Two Talebs

A Tale of Two CitiesCharles Dickens

Game Of Thrones, George R.R. Martin

The Wire, David Simon

The Waste Land and Other Poems, T.S. Eliot

The IncertoNassim Taleb

The Idiot, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Gödel, Escher, BachDouglas Hofstadter

Silicon Valley, Mike Judge

Set Theory, Thomas Jech

Waste Paper, H.P. Lovecraft

Scarlet and Black, Stendhal

Undercover, Dimitar Mitovski / Под Прикритие, Димитър Митовски

The Graphic Work, M.C. Escher

Back to BloodTom Wolfe

Killin' Them Softly, Dave Chappelle

The Bitcoin StandardSaifedean Ammous

Money: Free and UnfreeGeorge Selgin

Social Capital in Silicon Valley, Alex Danco

The Bitcoin Lightning Network, Joseph Poon, Thaddeus Dryja

The Seventh Seal, Ingmar Bergman

Mastering BitcoinAndreas Antonopoulos

On BullshitHarry Frankfurt

Selected Poems and Prose, Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Ergodicity Problem in EconomicsOle Peters

Ergodicity Economics, Ole Peters, Alexander Adamou

The Logic of Risk Taking, Nassim Taleb

Collected Poems and Translations, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Metalogic, Geoffrey Hunter

On the Statistical Differences between Binary Forecasts and Real World PayoffsNassim Taleb

Evaluating Gambles Using Dynamics, Ole Peters, Murray Gell-Mann
Leverage Efficiency, Ole Peters, Alex Adamou
Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) to Reduce COVID19 Mortality and Healthcare DemandFerguson et al.

Review of Ferguson et al "Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions ...", Chen Shen, Yaneer Bar-Yam, Nassim Taleb

Löb's Theorem, Martin Löb

Politics and the English LanguageGeorge Orwell

Naive Probabilism, Harry Crane

The Unsettling of America, Wendell Barry

Men in Dark Times, Hannah Arendt

Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, Alfred Jay Nock

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

The Vacuity of Postmodernist MethodologyNicholas Shackel

All In All, Another Brick In The Motte, Scott Alexander

The Case Against Public Science, Terrence Kealey

As We May Think, Vannevar Bush

Tiger King, Eric Goode, Rebecca Chaiklin

The Undefinability Theorem, Alfred Tarski

Why Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the Ideal Public Thinker for the Age of Trump, Steven Poole

How Do You Like We Now, Matt Levine

Dynamics of Complex SystemsYaneer Bar-Yam

Systemic Risk of Pandemic Via Novel Pathogens - Coronavirus: A Note, Joseph Norman, Yaneer Bar-Yam, and Nassim Taleb

Taleb Mishandles Fragility, Eric Falkenstein

Smear Campaign Operators, Nassim Taleb

Unenumerated, Nick Szabo

The Dao of CapitalMark Spitznagel

Blowing Up, Malcolm Gladwell

Risk Mitigation, Universa Investments 

Hofstadter's Law, Douglas Hofstadter

Glasgow Kiss, Wiktionary

Quantum Godwin's Law, Michalis Skotiniotis, Andreas Winter 

The Incompleteness Theorems and "Gödel Sentences", Kurt Gödel

This Is Not Capitalism

Shelling Out, Nick Szabo

The Stories We Tell About Money, Andreas Antonopoulos

The Theory of Money and Credit, Ludwig von Mises

The Ethics of Money Production, Jörg Guido Hülsmann

Democratic Domestic Product, Ole Peters

The Growth Illusion, Sacha Meyers

The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure, John Allison

The Icarus Moment, Ben Hunt

The Three Body Problem, Ben Hunt

This is Water, Ben Hunt

Enders Game, Parker Lewis

Risk Mitigation, Universa Investments 

The Coronavirus: Exacerbated By Cultural Pathology

Extraordinary Measures, Major General MutafchiyskiИзвънредни меркиген. Мутафчийски

We Must All Do Everything In Our Power To Protect LivesMatt Hancock

Government Set To Quarantine Elderly and Tell Over-70s: Stay At Home, Robert Peston

Panic, Nonchalance, Precaution, and Responsibility 

War is an Appropriate AnalogyRichard Hatchett

Don't Test, Don't Tell, Ben Hunt

Leaked Coronavirus Plan to Quarantine 16m Sparks Chaos in Italy, Angela Giuffrida, Lorenzo Tondo

Email crash impeded HHS response to coronavirus, Dan Diamond

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now, Thomas Pueyo
The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb

The Coronavirus: On Risk And Idiots

Coronavirus Panic Caused By Probability NeglectCass Sunstein

In Europe, Fear Spreads Faster Than the Coronavirus Itself, Megan Specia, Constant Méheut, Christopher F. Schuetze

“No handshakes, please”: The Tech Industry is Terrified of the Coronavirus, Shirin Ghaffary

NudgeCass Suntein, Richard Thaler

On BullshitHarry Frankfurt

What You Can't Say, Paul Graham

Coronavirus ‘Hits All the Hot Buttons’ for How We Misjudge Risk, Max Fisher

The Complex Markets Hypothesis

An Introduction to the Efficient Markets Hypothesis for BitcoinersNic Carter

Adaptive Markets, Andrew Lo

The (Mis)Behvaiour of Markets, Benoit Mandelbroit, Richard Hudson

The Alchemy of Finance, George Soros

Principles of Economics, Karl Menger

The Microfoundations of Discounting, Alexander T. I. Adamou, Yonatan Berman, Diomides P. Mavroyiannis, Ole B. Peters

Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit, Frank Knight

Startups and Uncertainty, Jerry Neumann

A Century of Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit, Ross Emmett

Skin in the Game, Nassim Taleb

The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb

Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier?, Raghuram Rajan

Bounded Rationality, Gerd Gigerenzer, Reinhard Selten

The Heuristics Revolution: Rethinking the Role of Uncertainty in Finance, Gerd Gigerenzer

The Bias Bias in Behavioral Economics, Gerd Gigerenzer

Behavioral Economics' Latest Bias: Seeing Bias Wherever It Looks, Brandon Kochkodin

The Dichotomy of Behavioural Economics, Gerd Gigerenzer, Nassim Taleb

Competition and Entrepreneurship, Israel Kirzner

Zero to One, Peter Thiel

Complexity, Mitchell Waldrop

The Economy As An Evolving Complex System, Philip Anderson, Kenneth Arrow, David Pines

Statistical Basis for Predicting Technological Progress, Bela Nagy, Doyne Farmer, Quan Bui, Jessika Trancik

MDMA, Scott Galloway

Complexity Economics, Brian Arthur

Mastering Bitcoin, Andreas Antonopoulos

The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki

The Use of Knowledge in Society, Friedrich Hayek

Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability, Nick Szabo

The Global Economy as an Adaptive Process, John Holland

Noise, Fischer Black

The Ergodicity Problem in Economics, Ole Peters

Interview with Yakov Sinai, Martin Raussen, Christian Skau

Leverage Efficiency, Ole Peters, Alexander Adamou

The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis, Andrew Lo

The Nature of Technology, Brian Arthur

How the Finance Gurus Get Risk All Wrong, Benoit Mandelbroit, Nassim Taleb

A Blue Sky Vision For Social Media

Mastodon Is Like Twitter Without Nazis, So Why Are We Not Using It?, Sarah Jeong

How the Biggest Decentralised Social Network is Dealing with its Nazi Problem, Adi Robertson

Gab, Mastodon And The Challenges Of Content Moderation On A More Distributed Social Network, Mike Masnick

ActivityPub: Past, Present, Future, Christopher Lemmer Webber

Twitter Wants To Decentralize, but Decentralized Social Network Creators Don’t Trust It, Adi Robsterson

A Lockean Theory of Digital Property, Elaine Ou

How Bitcoin Can Protect Free Speech In A Digital Age, Alex Gladstein

Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech, Mike Masnick

Bitcoin Becomes the Flag of Technology, Balaji Srinivasan

Elusive Symmetries

Cryptocurrency Is Most Useful for Breaking Laws and Social Constructs, Jill Carlson

Cargo Cult Math

Revisiting Basic Assumptions about Risk, Reward, and Optimal Portfolios, Michael Mauboussin, Ole Peters

Ergodicity Economics, Ole Peters, Alexander Adamou

The Logic of Risk Taking, Nassim Taleb

On Bullshit, Harry Frankfurt

The Cult of Statistical Significance, Stephen Ziliak, Deirdre McCloskey

Other People's Money, John Kay

Pioneering Portfolio Management, David Swensen

The Fatal Conceit, Friedrich Hayek

Scale, Geoffrey West

Cryptocurrency Is Most Useful for Breaking Laws and Social Constructs, Jill Carlson

Towards a Free and Open Internet

Here's How We Can Break Up Big Tech, Elizabeth Warren

It's Time to Break Up Facebook, Chris Hughes

Tech Giants Draw Fire in Congress, Ryan Tracy

Justice Department to Open Broad, New Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies, Brent Kendall

Who Owns the Future?, Jaron Lanier

To Save Everything Click Here, Evgeny Morozov

Code 2.0, Lawrence Lessig

The Man Who Stood Up To Facebook, Aarti Shahani

Gab, the Social Network Used by the Pittsburgh Suspect, Has Been Taken Offline, Ivana Kottasová, Sara Ashley O'Brien

The Nazi-Free Alternative to Twitter Is Now Home to the Biggest Far Right Social Network, Ben Makuch

F.T.C. Approves Facebook Fine of About $5 Billion, Cecilia Kang

The US government is fining Facebook $5 billion for privacy violations, and Wall Street thinks that’s great news, Peter Kafka

Money, Banking, Bitcoin, Libra

How to Scale Bitcoin (Without Changing a Thing), Nic Carter

Polkadot, Gavin Wood

Libra White Paper

Facebook Announces Libra, Bill Ottman Discusses Implications on Crypto, Bill Ottman

"Embarrassing And Damaging" Zuckerberg IMs Confirmed By Zuckerberg, The New Yorker, Nicholas Carlson

Libre Not Libra, Andreas Antonopoulos

We Will All Be Banned

YouTube Declines to Ban Comic Over Homophobic Jokes. Here's Why That's a Good Thing, Katie Herzog

The #VoxAdpocalypse is coming for YOU!, Stephen Crowder

YouTube Will Let Bigot Monetize if He Removes Link to Homophobic Merch, Josh Constine

YouTube May Allow Hate Speech if it’s Part of a Larger Argument. Yikes, Aja Romano

Muslim Rape In UK Exposed by Toni Bugle, Stephen Crowder

The Truth About Stephen Crowder, Blaire White

Postmodern Religion and the Faith of Social Justice, James Lindsay, Mike Nayna

Why Software is Eating the World, Marc Andreessen

On Prediction Markets And Blockchains

How to Scale Bitcoin (Without Changing a Thing), Nic Carter

The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki

The Use of Knowledge in Society, Friedrich Hayek

Competition a a Discovery Procedure, Friedrich Hayek

A Bet is a Tax on Bullshit, Alex Tabarrok

The Fall Of Intrade And The Business Of Betting On Real Life, Andrew Rice

Augur, Jack Peterson, Joseph Krug, Micah Zoltu, Austin K. Williams, Stephanie Alexander

Idea Futures [WIRED], Robin Hanson

Idea Futures [Webpage], Robin Hanson

Interpreting the Predictions of Prediction Markets, Charles Manski

Interpreting Prediction Market Prices as Probabilities, Justin Wolfers, Eric Zitzewitz

After Academia

PART ONE: Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying & the Evergreen Equity Council, Mike Nayna

Cambridge Capitulates to the Mob and Fires a Young Scholar, Claire Lehmann

Parkinson's Law, Cyril Northcote Parkinson 

The Thiel Fellowship, Peter Thiel

EY: Firm Says it Will Not Longer Consider Degrees or A-level Results When Assessing Employees, Richard Garner

Game Of Thrones Is Story Porn

The Battle of Winterfell: A Tactical Analysis, Angry Staff Officer [WIRED]


Slavoj Žižek, Jordan Peterson, And Atheists Who Believe In God

Inherit the WindJerome Lawrence, Robert E. Lee

Marxism, Jordan Peterson, Slajov Žižek

Marx Deserves Better Critics, Ben Burgis

The Fool and the Madman, Sam Miller, Harrison Flus

The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism, George McKenna

The Radical Will, Randolph Bourne

A Book of Prefaces, H.L. Mencken

The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A College President Stands Up For Academic Freedom, Claire Lehmann

After Babel, George Steiner

Nostalgia for the Absolute, George Steiner

The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins

Jordan Peterson and the Failure of the Left, Carol Horton

The Intellectual We Deserve, Nathan Robinson

Shocking, Hilarious, Poignant: Ricky Gervais’ After Life

Woke: A Guide to Social Justice, Titania McGrath

What You Can't Say, Paul Graham

Siding With The Audience

Momo Is Not Trying to Kill Children, Taylor Lorenz

STOP! The "Momo Challenge" Is a Panicky Hoax Preying On Ignorant Parents, India Pakistan, & More..., Philip DeFranco

The Covington Catholic Case Could Turn on ‘Actual Malice’, Scott Nover

The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, Jurgen Habermas

Joe Rogan is the Walter Cronkite of Our Era, Konstantin Kisin

Life After Facebook

Who Owns the Future?, Jaron Lanier
Life After Google, George Gilder
Life After Television, George Gilder

Knowledge and Power, George Gilder

The Cathedral & the Bazaar, Eric Raymond

Free Software, Free Society, Richard Stallman

Here's How We Can Break Up Big Tech, Elizabeth Warren
Facebook’s Acquisition of Instagram Was the Greatest Regulatory Failure of the Past Decade, Ben Thomson

In Defence Of Twitter

It’s Impossible to Follow a Conversation on TwitterTaylor Lorenz

Get Ready for the Struggle Session, Peggy Noonan

What Happens When a News Site Bans Its Writers From Twitter?, Heather Schwedel

It Isn’t Your Imagination: Twitter Treats Conservatives More Harshly Than Liberals, Richard Hanania

Why I'm Suing Twitter, Meghan Murphy

Inside Twitter’s Ambitious Plan to Change the Way We Tweet, Kurt Wagner

Making Sense with Sam Harris, Jack Dorsey

Twitter and YouTube Bias, Dave Rubin, Tim Pool

Election 2016 — Debate Three on Twitter, John Swain

Marc Andreessen and Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn | Code 2017

Hillary Clinton Exposing Pepe the Frog is the Death of Explainers, Adi Robertson

Code 2.0, Lawrence Lessig

Politics Is The Mind Killer, Eliezer Yudkowsky

Heterodox Economics And The Rise Of The Blockchains

Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, Carlota Perez
Cities and the Wealth of Nations, Jane Jacobs
The Mystery of Capital, Hernando de Soto

Capital Account, Edward Chancellor

Marc Andreessen Answers the Tech Valuation Question, Barry Ritholtz

The Emperor’s New Outrage: Why Legacy Media Is in Trouble

Mediasaurus, Michael Crichton

My Response, Pewdiepie

Vox Media On Pace to Miss Revenue Target as Digital Advertising Disappoints, Benjamin Mullin, Amol Sharma

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, Albert Hirschmann

Goldman Sachs Has Made a Chart of the Generations ... and it Will Make the Millennials Shudder, Jim Edwards

Why Democrats Should Be Losing Sleep Over Generation Z, Ashley Stahl

Conservative or Liberal? For Generation Z, It’s Not That Simple, Anne Loehr

The White Privilege of Being Black

Losing The Race, John McWhorter

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, Peggy McIntosh

The Power of the Powerless, Václav Havel

What You Can't Say, Paul Graham

The Captive Mind, Czesław Miłosz

Conservative or Liberal? For Generation Z, It’s Not That Simple, Anne Loehr

Distributed Memetics

Propaganda, Jacques Ellul

The Technological Society, Jacques Ellul
Man's Search For Meaning, Viktor Frankl
The Power of the Powerless, Václav Havel

Pepsi Advert With Kendall Jenner Pulled After Huge Backlash, Tom Batchelor, Christopher Hooton

YouTube’s Most Popular User Amplified anti-Semitic Rhetoric. Again, Aja Romano

Election 2016 — Debate Three on Twitter, John Swain

Basket Of Deplorables, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Exposing Pepe the Frog is the Death of Explainers, Adi Robertson

The Alt-Right's Newest Ploy? Trolling With False Symbols, Emma Grey Ellis

Two Members of Alt-Right Accused of Making White Supremacist Hand Signs in White House After Receiving Press Passes, Emily Shugerman

Secret Nazi Code Kept Hidden By "Milk" and "Vegan Agenda", Ashitha Nagesh

Marc Andreessen and Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn | Code 2017

What Happened, Hillary Clinton

Situational Assessment 2017, Jordan Greenhall

Collective Intelligence and Swarms in the Red Insurgency, Gustavo Montes de Oca

One In A Billion Wicked Thoughts

One In A Billion [Milwaulkee Journal Sentinel], Kathleen Gallagher, Mark Johnson

One In A Billion [Book]Kathleen Gallagher, Mark Johnson

The First Child Saved By DNA Sequencing, Matthew Herper

A Billion Wicked Thoughts, Ogi Ogas, Sai Gaddam

The Dawning of the Age of Stochasticity, David Mumford

Pewdiepie's Battle For The Soul Of The Internet

YouTube’s Most Popular User Amplified anti-Semitic Rhetoric. Again, Aja Romano

My Response, Pewdiepie

Pewdiepi v T Series: Fans Hire Billboards In Desperate Bid To Keep Channel Most Popular On YouTube, Anthony Cuthbertson

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

How YouTube’s Year-in-Review ‘Rewind’ Video Set Off a Civil War, Kevin Roose

YouTube Sets New Record For Most Disliked Video With Its Own 2018 Rewind, Katie Fitgerald

How to: RESPECT WOMEN!, Pewdiepie

The Bill Gates Line, Ben Thomson
Who Owns the Future?, Jaron Lanier

Why Decentralisation Matters, Chris Dixon

Life After Google, George Gilder

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, Satoshi Nakamoto

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